Moving Checklist

"Early in process" Pre moving checklist (1-2 months prior)
"Getting closer" Pre moving checklist (2-3 weeks prior)
"Last minute" Pre moving checklist (last week)
Post Moving Guide

"Early in process" Pre moving checklist (1-2 months prior)
  O   Check credit report and make sure it is clean of errors
  O   Get estimates from moving/truck rental companies
  O   Set a date for the move
  O   Decide on moving/truck rental company
  O   Buy boxes and packing material if self-moving
  O   Make a moving file to keep up with receipts, records and other important papers related to the move
  O   Gather up important documents and make sure they are clearly stored
  O   Donate or sell any unwanted items
  O   Pack any little used items (good to have them all in one place anyway)
  O   Notify Doctor/Dentist of pending move and ask for referrals (make sure insurance covers these referrals in your new area)
  O   Notify Veterinarian of pending move and ask for referrals
  O   Research schools and arrange for transfer of immunization records and transcripts
  O   Check and see if bank accounts can/will transfer to new area (if not, then look into opening up new account at local bank)
  O   Arrange for any special transportation of pets if necessary
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"Getting closer" Pre moving checklist (2-3 weeks prior)
  O   Make any hotel/motel reservations in case of gap of moving and move in date
  O   Forward or cancel any subscriptions, memberships, etc
  O   Contact both current and new utilities (electricity, cable, etc) to cancel and/or transfer accounts
  O   Fill out an official change of address with the USPS
  O   Notify all creditors/billing companies of new address
  O   Start takes longer than you think
  O   Make an inventory and/or take pictures of important/expensive items for insurance purposes
  O   Check into any necessary elevator/street/alley reservations at new address on move-in day
  O   Order checks from the bank with your new address
  O   Contact current renter's insurance provider and let them know you are moving or shop around and find new coverage
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"Last minute" Pre moving checklist (last week)
  O   Make sure that all borrowed items are returned (videos, books, etc)
  O   Leave a forwarding address with new tenants if possible
  O   Find a babysitter for young kids on moving day to make it less stressful
  O   Service your car if moving a long distance
  O   Backup any computers you are moving
  O   Have a going away party to use up any perishable/unpackable items
  O   Confirm any reservations/travel plans you have made for travel day
  O   Confirm arrangements with moving/truck rental company
  O   Have some cash on hand for move
  O   Finish packing
  O   Begin cleaning apartment/house and defrost your refrigerator/freezer
  O   Do final walk-through of residence after all packing and loading has been done to confirm nothing is left behind
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Post moving checklist
  O   Update car registration, driver's license, voter registration, etc
  O   Transfer any cell phones to local number
  O   Follow up on return of prior rental deposit
  O   Make sure any sender of forwarded mail updates your new address

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